Our Coffee

Our thoughts about Certifications
From our perspective many of the major certifications amount to marketing hype and bring little value to the farmer or to the consumer.  We endeavor to do as much “green” as we reasonably can.  Barking Dog Roasters supports the causes and goals of many certification programs, and while many of our green coffees carry third party certifications, we do not participate in any of these programs formally.  While we do not claim to be organic many of our coffees are organic, and almost all are shade grown, sustainably grown, fair trade, etc., since it is our preference to use organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee when it is reasonably available, but certifications are not guarantees of quality in the cup, which is our primary objective.  We rely on our suppliers to do their best to provide us with the highest quality green coffee so we are assured of meeting our commitment to our patrons.

Making the best coffee possible.
To make the best cup you have to start with the best ingredients available.  Unlike some others in our business, Barking Dog doesn’t claim to source our own beans.  We believe it to be a complex skill and we prefer to stay focused.  While we buy beans direct on occasion, we don’t know, nor do we claim to know, Juan Valdez personally, but we know people who do.  There are, after all, many who devote their lives to picking the best possible beans and we do know some of those people.  We know good coffee when we taste it, and we know how to roast it as well as anyone in the business.  We understand the importance of freshness, nose, and mouth, and we focus on giving you the best cup available from beans selected by the professionals we rely on.  They haven’t let us down yet.

We roast with a nose for a good cup, because much of the taste of a good cup is in the aroma it brings to your sensory system.  Without nose your taste buds would be lost and it would all taste like dishwater.   Proper roasting (an expertise in itself) draws out the unique qualities of each bean maximizing the coffee’s palette.  Coffee is best when it is fresh, so we roast Just-In-Time before we serve it or ship it to you.