Our Story

Barking Dog Roasters opened because at the time (1995) we couldn’t find a good cup of coffee in our town, and couldn’t buy quality beans without driving to San Francisco. So we did what I thought was the logical thing; we opened a coffee roastery. Not as easy as we had expected, but with a little tenacity and elbow grease the thing caught on (s’plain that!). The business has been, and still is, run by the family. Many of our staff have been with us for years, so you can be assured they know their business and are well prepared to be of service.

Roaster1Since 1995 (with a couple of bumps and grinds in the road) Barking Dog has been providing high quality, freshly roasted coffee products to the Sonoma Valley community. For almost 20 years Barking Dog has purchased only premium Arabica beans and has roasted them to perfection in-shop to ensure absolute freshness. Our Roastmaster has been roasting coffee for us for over 10 years, having learned from a master roaster on our premises with our Probat Roaster. We roast in small batches which, though less efficient than large batches, helps ensure that the release is perfectly timed to capture the flavor profile of the particular bean variety at its peak. By roasting just-in-time for bar service and shipments we guarantee freshness.

In the meantime Barking Dog has become a central meeting place and event venue for locals and out-of-towners alike. Local entertainers find Barking Dog to be an ideal small-setting venue for weekend and occasional after hours shows. The atmosphere is invitingly funky, the people are friendly and service oriented, and the products are very, very good.

I assure you that if you’re looking for great coffee, you’ve found it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for trendy, you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for gimmicks, or the latest technology, or the most exotic this or that, this is not the place. Barking Dog is about putting a fine edge on the basics. As we have put the better part of 20 years into this (with the help of some brilliant coffee savants), we believe we have mastered the art of the cup and of roasting coffee to perfection, brewing it just right and serving it with pleasure.

In addition to our coffee offerings we also make many of our own pastries and savories.

pastryview100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  We absolutely unconditionally guarantee everything at Barking Dog to meet your satisfaction, or your money back.

We make this guarantee because our staff is well trained and committed to making your coffee experience the best possible.

How we started:

Local legend has it that Barking Dog Roasters was so named because of a golden retriever. As the story goes, the soon-to-be coffee house owner was focused on coming up with a name for the venture but his dog had other objectives. She kept barking and dropping tennis balls at her master’s feet (she would carry three in her mouth at once). Not happy with the variety of conventional names like “Java”-this or “Valley”-that, (not to mention Bigbucks or Little Pete’s), his nibs was distracted by his dog just as the thought of fresh coffee with less bite (his evolving abiding passion after all) passed through our founder’s mind. His dog didn’t bite since she was too busy barking, and everyone knows “barking dogs don’t bite”!… And voila! Barking Dog Roasters was born; as a barking dog our coffee never bites. It never mattered to the dog, as her life’s primary quandary was in fact, to bark or not to bark (that being the question) since barking was directly correlated to how many tennis balls she could fetch. So the naming question was finally settled; Barking Dog Roasters was born and it was time for a good, really good, cup. That’s how the legend goes, and for the most part it’s true.

Barking Dog Roasters started in a small 800 square foot shop (roaster and all) in Boyes Hot Springs California in 1995 and moved to our current location in 2005. Appropriately funky but not without a certain charm, Barking Dog is a popular spot where locals and many not so locals get their fix, meet and make friends, read, relax, browse the web, work and/or chat.

If you are local to Sonoma come join the family. If you’re a visitor to the lovely and historic town of Sonoma, don’t miss Barking Dog Roasters.

18133 Sonoma Highway
Sonoma, CA 95476

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